Connection technology

From the smallest screw to the largest bolt

Whether individual special parts, standard products according to standards or accessories – we offer you an optimal solution from a single source through competent advice and short-term availability. With our extensive stock programme, short distances in engineering, production and finishing as well as our permanently optimised logistics, we provide you with the decisive competitive advantages.

Delivery programme:
Hexagon head screws
Cheese head screws
Countersunk screws
Flat head screws
Truss-head screws
Stud bolts
Knurled screws and nuts
Cross-hole screws and nuts
Eye bolts and nuts
Screw plugs
Tapping screws
Drilling screws
Wood screws
Chipboard screws
Sheet metal screws
Threaded pins
Threaded rods
Hexagon nuts
Square nuts
Wing nuts and bolts
Spring washers and washers
Blind rivets
Split pins
Feather keys
Nose wedges

Furthermore, non-standard screws, nuts, dowels, wooden connectors as well as tools and accessories.